About us


We are working closely with students and customers from very different areas who need prototyping hardware to build innovative products. We take care about fast delivery of this hardware and provide software development services.


Host riistvara24.ee is owned by FlipRender OÜ – Estonian company founded in 2013. The company combines years of experience from embedded systems, wireless networks, sensorics and embedded hardware for machine learning. Today FlipRender activities are closely connected with Tallinn University of Technology to provide experience from algorithm development up to production ready systems.

FlipRender belives that connected smart devices is the next big wave that makes our environment smarter. By harvesting energy and automating tasks around us we could focus on tasks that are the most important for us.


Company FlipRender OÜ and host riistvara24.ee is mnaged by Mr. Mairo Leier. His passion has been electronics for more than 27 years. He is a researcher at TalTech and leading Embedded AI Research Lab team, who mainly working on machine learning on embedded systems.