UV valguse 240nm-370nm sensor (GUVA-S12SD)


Datasheet: guva-s12sd

UV index

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Product description:
UV Detection Sensor Module.
Product parameters:
1. Size: 11mm*27mm
2. Power consumption: Supply voltage 2.5V ~ 5V, operating current in micro-amps
3. Output voltage: DC 0­1V(Corresponding 0­10 UV index)
4. Operating Current: 0.06mA (0.1mA max)
5. Response time: <0.5s
6. Operating temperature: ­20°C­85°C
7. Detection range: 240nm-370nm
8. Large angle: 130 degrees
9. The Schottky type of photodiode for photoelectric mode
Typical applications:
UV tester, UV watch, outdoor sports equipment, mobile phones and other mobile phones


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